Climbers on Facebook

Puerto Rican climbing has finally become globalized.  We have arrived ladies and gentlemen; we now have a facebook group.  All right granted, everybody and their mother has facebook now and 99.9% of these individuals are members of at least one of the dozens of groups which constantly bombard all of our accounts but still…  This particular group does have an added draw though; it has become a forum in which climbers from Puerto Rico are posting their latest videos.   Slowly but surely the word is spreading about the best kept climbing secret in the Caribbean.  So drop by the page and check out the videos.

~ by Alberto Ramos Cordero on February 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Climbers on Facebook”

  1. Dear climber and/or climbing videomaker from Puerto Rico,

    I hope this message of mine will be useful for You.

    If You are on Facebook, I guess You are a passionate and cooperative climber who like to share something with other climbers.
    So I let You know that it’s possible for all us climbers to build our GLOBAL CLIMBING VIDEO GUIDE !
    Why not cooperate all together to build a kind of CLIMBING VIDEO WIKIPEDIA ?

    If You want to see just one example, please, look at the following chart:

    It’s possible to create a single “chart” OF EVERY SINGLE ASCENT in the world.
    A chart with videos, photos and informations referred to that single ascent.

    And this is possible FOR EVERY TYPE (sport, dws, trad, big walls, ice, dry tooling, …) of climbing !

    You can see all the “lists” at the following url: http//www.listphile/member/9b.
    For example the list for sport climbing routes is; the list for boulders is and so on.
    They can become our multimedia climbing guide !

    It’s a cooperative project open to ALL climbers in the world.
    It works on the same concept of Wikipedia, where all users can contribute to generate knowledge and informations.
    Don’t worry, You can add or modify entries on 9b lists very easily, much more easily than using wikipedia.

    In order to preserve the contributions added or modified by climbers, to contribute editing 9b lists, You need to:

    1) be registered, WITH THE SAME USERNAME (I suggest You to use the same nickname You have in Youtube) both at:
    * Listphile (
    * and 9b (

    2) indicate your 9b profile url/link in Your request to become a 9b contributor.

    To register in 9b You need to insert just Your email (it will remain secret): then, there are no other required profile entries, but You will discover by Yourself how much is useful to have Your 9b profile !

    We can have fun to connect with other climbers all over the world, in order to share not only climbing videos but climbing friendship, experiences, informations, languages, … maybe vehicles and accomodations too !

    Thanking You for Your kind attention, I send You my best regards.

    9b (9b site founder)

  2. Sounds very nice. Defeneatly interested

  3. Hi Alfonso !
    Sorry for my delay in answering … thank You ! May be have You already joined 9b site ? Ciao 😉

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