Rock Climbing in Puerto Rico: Ciales

The town of Ciales is the location of the first climbing area to truly come alive in Puerto Rico. The routes were mostly set by local climbing legend Rossano Boscarino (owner of Aventuras Tierra Adentro) who baptized the crag “Caliche”.

Caliche rests about half an hour to the west of Puerto Rico’s capital city, San Juan, and for those climbers who’ve explored climbing areas like Bayamon I and II it should be a welcome change of pace.

In Ciales we leave the cool shade of the forest behind in favor of some fun climbing and a well exposed cliff face. This crag consists of 5 sections which contain a total of 35 climbing routes (many of which are absolute must’s if you want to experience Puerto Rican climbing) rated between 5.5 to 5.13c. The routes are predominantly sport but make sure you bring your “friends” they’ll come in handy on some of the mixed routes (some routes also tend to be a bit run-out so if you want to feel comfy bring your own “pro”.)


Now for those of you who would like to get a bit more air between you and the floor you’ll be happy to know that Caliche is also home to a couple of fun multi-pitches, namely Triboro Bridge (5.9) and Pompi Pompi (5.11a.)

Of the single pitch routes that are “must climbs” we can find: Blanca Nieves (5.9), El Pelotero Malo (5.12a), Triboro Direct (5.10a), and My Right Foot (5.11a.) Keep in mind though, that great climbs can be found of all ratings and to not necessarily limit yourself to these recommendations.


As in most climbing areas in Puerto Rico the crag has preestablished anchors which make lowering easy (please use your own carabiners for anything but the final descent so as not to wear out the fixed pro.) In terms of a rack for Caliche its recommended to have at least 14 quickdraws, a set of small to medium cams (optional), and at least a 50m rope, (although 60m is preferable to facilitate the lowers) but be sure to knot the ends just in case. As always safety is the key when practicing this sport. The use of a helmet is NOT optional and always be sure to remember your basics (solid leader and solid belayers a must.)

Caution: If any of you decide to visit Caliche and have families with small children it’s worth mentioning that the base of the cliff is on a bit of an incline. Though there are fixed ropes along the trail to help you on the trickier parts of the path, still, be cautious.

Caliche Guide Book: (Courtesy of Aventuras Tierra Adentro) Caliche

¡Bienvenidos al mundo de la Escalada Borincana!

~ by Alberto Ramos Cordero on November 13, 2007.

9 Responses to “Rock Climbing in Puerto Rico: Ciales”

  1. For info on climbing area Bayamon II try here

  2. […] Rock Climbing in Puerto Rico: CalicheThe town of Ciales is the location of the first climbing area to truly come alive in Puerto Rico. The routes were mostly set by local climbing legend Rossano Boscarino (owner of Aventuras Tierra Adentro) who baptized the crag “Caliche”. … […]

  3. My family is from Caliche and I remember a cliff names La O. I still have cousins there.

  4. Hi Rossano! 14 years is way too long!
    I just submitted a story about our trip to Mona Island with Craig Luebben to Rock and Ice. Did we give names to all those great routes that we did? I could not remember to save my life. DREW A COMPLETE BLANK
    Do people still climb there?
    I’m still in Boulder, CO. Come visit if you can . I’ll do likewise.
    RSVP mi bien amigo.
    Salute, Strappo

    • Hey Strappo!
      It’s me Rossano!
      Wow, I was just going through the net looking for input for our climbing guide books and found you! I cant believe no one told me about this response.
      It’s go great to hear from you, yes I saw your great articles and left a message at the magazine office. But nothing happened.
      This time I will be more aggressive. If I don’t hear from you soon I will send a search party to Colorado.
      Theres been lots of development since you came here. Hopefully you can come back and give us a hand. Let me know, I’ll take care of you.
      Hasta pronto
      Aventuras (787)766-0470

  5. Hi! Any beta for a solo traveller coming to PR to surf and climb? Any websites or info on meeting up with experienced partners for a week trip? Thanks, JG

  6. Hi, I’m trying to get an internship in PR over the 2015 summer. I’m a climber from Louisiana and would be down there solo. Are there any groups/sites that could hook me up with local climbers in the area?



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  8. Rossano did ypu attend San Vicente Ferrer colegio???

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