“La Radiolina” Overrated

I recently listened to Manu Chao’s most recent project “La Radiolina” and was surprisingly disappointed. The album was nowhere near as innovative as his prior projects Clandestino and Proxima Estación: Esperanza. One of the aspects that I most enjoyed of his sound was the distinct flow of the music itself. His tendency to recycle the scores of his prior pieces formed a cohesive theme to his CD’s giving the entire disc meaning rather than each of its songs (unlike most artists nowadays who mold each song into easily marketable little packages). Yet the new CD lacks the same spark, it almost seems like Manu was trying too hard to achieve the same success and just fell short. Whereas Manu previously managed to avoid classification, falling between the cracks and taking a bit of every genre whenever it pleased him, the new CD just seems too pop rock.

~ by Alberto Ramos Cordero on November 19, 2007.

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