The Melancholy Death of the Printed Press

Throughout the last couple years the public has grown to distrust the information that has been provided by the traditional media, and with good reason. News outlets have acquired a reputation for jumping the gun at press time. They’ve published flawed, poorly researched articles and have been used as a tool (inadvertently or not) by the government and other interests to sway public opinion. On the one hand many of these faults lie squarely on the shoulders of the editors, reporters, as well as all the other cogs that make the wheel turn. On the other hand perhaps we should paint with a bit of a broader stroke.

As a whole audiences have grown far more demanding with regards to information. The average individual has become accustomed to an almost constant bombardment of information. The press is simply having a hard time keeping up.

Across the country circulation is down, readers are abandoning the traditional printed press in favor of the internet. Many news organizations are even being forced to downsize their staff and cut pages from their publications. Even the New York Times, the epitome of all that is good and respected in the media, has been affected (the publication seems to be growing thinner of late.) The printed press is now battling to survive in a world where globalization has made the medium all but obsolete. In the rush to prove its worth the printed press appears to be doing the exact opposite.

~ by Alberto Ramos Cordero on October 26, 2007.

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